Friedrichstraße 10
63225 Langen

I’m happy to welcome you in my general practice, which is located near the train station.

As a family doctor and specialist in general medice, I would like to be you personal point of contact for all medical needs.

GP care with classical medical examinations and treatments are the basis of our work, which is further expanded with palliative care.

In order to offer you more time leeway, we are open on Wednesdays until 7pm.

I hope to soon welcome you personally.

Your Dr. Gero Björn Denda

Contact us

Contact us

Dr. med. Gero Björn Denda

Friedrichstr. 10
63225 Langen

Phone: 06103 9956900

Important contacts

Outside of our opening hours you can contact the general medical on-call service

In case of life threatening emergencies contact the emergency services!

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    Opening hours

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

    8am – noon
    3pm – 6pm


    8am – noon
    3pm – 7pm


    8:00 – 11:00


    In order to prevent long waiting times, we urge you to make an appointment for routine examinations and consults.

    Appointments can be made by phone or by using our online booking system .


    If you are from an acute illness you can make a short same-day appointment.

    Please call our practice as early as possible.

    This opportunity is also available for urgent questions.

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    Our services

    General practice

    For everyone aged 35 and above a checkup can be performed every three years.
    This includes lab test on blood lipids as wells as a urine test.
    For adults between the ages of 18 and 34 this checkup can be performed once.

    Disease-Management-Programmes are structured treatment programmes for chronic illnesses. The structured and continued treatment aims to minimize further medical effects and to stabilize or enhance quality of life.

    We offer these programmes for patients suffering from:

      • Type-2 diabetes
      • Asthma bronchiale
      • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
      • Coronary heart disease

    For patients aged 45 and older an annual physical examination of the prostate and rectum is recommended.

    The function of the lungs and airways can be examined by spirometry. This way changes and possible issues can be detected early.

    Lung function tests also serve as a way of monitoring chronic illnesses such as asthma and COPD.

    Your blood preasure can be monitored over a 24 hour period with the help of a mobile device.

    We offer a 12 channel electrocardiogram to measure the electrical activity of your heart.

    This helps us to find possible coronary illnesses as well as arhythmias.

    We offer a radition-free method of early detection of osteoporisis with the help of a lab test of blood or urin – even before it is visible on an x-ray.

    Further information can be found here.

    Perfom a personal risk assestment online!

    Just ask us!

    Are you planing a trip overseas or have lost your vaccination certificate?

    We will gladly check your needed vaccinations.

    We offer vaccinations in accordance with the recommandations of the Ständigen Impfkommision (STIKO).

    We offer lab services as covered by insurance.

    Additional lab work is of cource possible as payable service. Just ask us.

    We offer visits at home and in care homes for our patients with reduced mobility.

    Just ask us!

    After having welcomed you personally in our practice you can order prescriptions by phone as well as via our order form.

    We wil gladly remind you of any necessary health care and checkup examinations, if you consent.

    Palliative care

    The aim of palliative medicine is to improve the quality of life of patients with incurable illnesses. This mostly includes the treatment of symptoms such as strong pain, difficulty breathing (dsypnoe) and fears.
    Our doctor as extensively worked in outpatient and inpatient palliative medicine and has earned the additional qualification “Palliativmedizin”.

    Visit us

    Our general practice is located very near the Langen train station. Exit the Europaplatz (as seen from the train station) at the far right corner and follow the Friedrichstraße to reach our office.

    We are not able to offer you any designated parking spaces, but public parking spaces are available along the Friedrichstraße and Gartenstraße.


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